My name is Marc Summersett and I am the sole owner/operator of CE Entertainment. CE Entertainment is celebrating its 10 year anniversary of providing the best DJ entertainment. I know there are DJ services that have 15, 20 or more years under their belt, but what makes the 10 years unique is that from the very beginning I have been giving events personal full time service. I’m not combining the years of services between all DJ’s on staff (like others). Nope…No misinterpretations, just 10 years of some of the most respected, heartfelt, and personal service you will find in Southern Arizona.

CE Entertainment is one of two known services in Southern Arizona that provides a unique type of service known as Director of Entertainment DJ/MC Service. If you think in terms of a movie, you have a producer, which is you or a coordinator. The producer’s role is to have a dream, an idea of the type of event they want along with the people involved. Then there is the Director. The Director takes that picture or dream and makes it a reality. Makes it so the audience feels the emotions and shares it with you through design, roles, planning and coordination. If the movie has a bad Director…well…bad movie. Same applies to weddings. Contact me personally to find out how my five step planning process works and how CE’s True Personalization ideas are a huge hit.

Through the years I have had the privilege of being associated with some of the finest organizations and people. I’d like to thank the facility staff, photographers, videographers, florists, Celebrants and other wedding professionals for their roles in helping me achieve my goals and praise within the DJ community, Clients and Wedding industry. If it were not for all of you, I could not do my job. So thanks!

American DJ Association 2000-20011
            President of local chapter 2005-2008, 2010- 2011
            Director of Membership 2009 elite wedding vendor 2003-2011
            Steering committee member 2005-2011
            Welcome committee 2008-2010
            Video rep advertising 2009-2010

Creative Director WedPod Radio 2008-2009
            National Podcast on Weddings

PULC Ordained Minister  2008-2010

Tucson Wedding Network - Director 2011

Finalist BBB Ethics award 2003
The Knots 2010 Best of Wedding winner

By now you are wondering how much this will all cost. Because all events are different, requiring different set-ups, design and coordination, I really can’t give you a price. If you were building a house and you hired a general contractor to design and build your dream home, they would not give you a quote until they know what is involved in creating your dream. I can tell you, my services are not by the hour, but rather by the day. Most DJ services will give you a price quote right away because that is all they would put in…4 or 5 hours. Is that what you want? Someone that will only put in 4, 5 or maybe even 10 hours on such a once in a lifetime celebration! On average I put over 40 hours even before I step foot in the reception. So write down some ideas you want and don’t want for your wedding. Then contact me so we can create the celebration it was meant to be.

Marc Summersett, Director of Entertainment
CE Entertainment
“Great weddings do not just happen. They are planned that way!”
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